INVI Hookah Reflection Gun Metal

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Ready to reflect in plumes of smoke? INVI offers simplicity at a premium level with the Reflection Gun Metal hookah! The high-quality stainless steel stem features four hose ports and a twist-to-lock base connection, perfect for solo sessions or sharing with friends. The built-in, removable diffuser helps keep the bubbles at bay, ensuring your clouds remain flavorful. Enjoy everything you expect from a top-shelf hookah without the hassle of international travel. The INVI Reflection hookah is made in Germany, combining style with durability.

The hookah’s stem is designed with simplicity and clean lines to complement the smooth base and modern tray. Crafted from high-quality V2A stainless steel, this hookah not only looks stunning but is built to last.

The hub is equipped to handle up to four hoses and sports the convenient twist-to-lock base connection. The hose adapters use a unique metal-to-metal connection, fitting the included hose adapters or hoses with metal heel ends. Regular hose grommets work with all other hoses, either with grommets or by using the included adapters where the silicone tubing slides right in.

At the bottom of the downstem, there’s a removable diffuser to quiet down your sessions, ideal for movie nights or gaming sessions. The downstem can vary in length from 6-7 inches, including a removable 1-inch piece.

Included is a high-grade silicone tubing hose with a spring to prevent kinking. At the top, the clay bowl comes with a screen/chimney-style heat management device to prevent coal ash from falling into your shisha and to evenly distribute heat.

Note: This hookah features 18/8 connections, which are metal-to-metal connections. Simply put: no grommet is needed as a tight fit/seal is still made. However, all hoses will still work with a hose grommet.

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