INVI Hookah Paradox V2 Blue Rainbow

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The INVI Hookah Paradox V2 Blue Rainbow is a masterpiece of German engineering, standing 25 inches tall and exuding quality. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this hookah boasts a robust and durable design. The modern glass base elegantly rises to meet the sleek stem, creating a seamless flow of form and function. The twist-to-lock base connection ensures a secure fit without the hassle of finding the perfect base grommet. Paired with a washable hose, diffuser, and HMD, this hookah is ready to produce clouds of smoke. The included stainless steel coal tongs prevent burns, ensuring a safe smoking experience. The hookah is also compatible with two hoses, thanks to the included hose adapter, connector, and mouthpieces. However, the 18/8 short ground joint adapter does not accommodate a valve ball. For a two-hose setup, additional hose adapters are required.

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