INVI Hookah Reflection Silver

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Ready to reflect in plumes of smoke? Invi delivers simplicity at a premium level with the Reflection! The high quality stainless steel stem has four hose ports and a twist-to-lock base connection to go solo or with company. A built, removable diffuser helps keep the rumbling bubbles away from your flavorful clouds...if you want it. Get everything you expect from a top shelf hookah from Europe without the complexity of international travel.

Invi Reflection Hookah from Germany

Put on the coals and unpack the Invi Reflection hookah to enjoy on your own or friends. Made from high quality V2A stainless steel this hookah has not only the looks but the durability. The stem design is simple and clean to match the smooth lines of the base and modern tray. 

The hub has the ability to use up to four hoses and features a twist-to-lock base connection. As for the hose adapters, they use the unique metal-to-metal connection to attach the included hose adapters or use hoses that have metal heel ends. Regular hose grommets can be used as well for all other hoses either with grommets or by using the included adapters where the silicone tubing slides right on. 

On the bottom of the downstem there is a removable diffuser to quiet down your sessions which can be annoying while watching a movie or gaming. The downstem can also vary from 6-7" with its removable 1" piece. 

A high grade, silicone tubing hose is included with a spring to prevent kinking. Going back to the top, the clay bowl comes with a screen/chimney style heat management device to help prevent coal ash from falling into your shisha and evenly distribute your heat. 

Note: This hookah features 18/8 connections. Simply put: metal-to-metal connections. With compatible hoses and accessories this means no grommet is needed as a tight fit/seal is still made. However, all hoses will still work with a hose grommet. 

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