ICY Japanese Doll Japanese High-End Solid Silicone Doll for Men (161CM)

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Japanese real doll, this product requires pre-order, order time of about seven days or so, you need pay a purchase price, in order to arrange the order

Product: Tokyo Icy Height: 161 Weight: 30 Measurements (cm): 82,63,90

Description: High simulation, new technology, real skin color.

Premium odorless silicone material.

Upgrade the bone structure to perfectly present any desired posture.

The head is detachable and the lower body is replaceable.

There are finger bones with nails.

Product features: 1. High simulation, the simulation doll closest to the touch of a real person.

2. Asian face shape, perfect oriental female physiological characteristics.

3. Small size, square storage, easy to carry.

4. High-end environmentally friendly materials, safe and harmless.

5.Inner metal frame, maintain long-term deformation


★1. *Baby products are special, have high value, and have high transportation costs. They are easily damaged if not transported properly, so the company does not allow returns. ★

★2. The product process is special. There will be some positioning holes, seam lines of the grinding tool, and local fine bubbles. This is a process requirement and is not a quality issue. ★

★3. If there is any logistics damage, you can exchange the product free of charge. If it is repaired during the warranty period, the customer needs to bear the return shipping fee. ★

★4. For other matters, please check the website introduction, instructions, announcements, etc., or contact the service staff directly for answers. ★

(Process positioning holes and local bubble phenomenon) / (The effect after positioning holes and bubble treatment)

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