Zahrah All Glass Lounge Hookah

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If you are looking for high quality durable Hookahs for express online delivery then check out our wide selection of stylish hookahs, hookah accessories, shisha tobacco, and much more. 


From the leading hookah manufacturer Zahrah USA, we introduce the stylish, durable, and high quality Zahrah All Glass Lounge Hookah set. This hookah, with its classy glass downstem is fitted with a built in diffuser allowing the smoker to enjoy a smooth hookah smoking experience. All the connection points in the Lounge Hookah, are made of durable glass. This glass hookah comprises 3 hose parts and 1 purge valve which is the reason behind those thick foamy aromatic clouds blown off from a hookah. It comes with a matte finished black steel support stand. The Glass Lounge Hookah set also comes with a washable silicone hose and an all-glass bowl. These hoses are manufactured using medical grade silicone which makes it easy to rinse. The set also comes with an all-glass mouth tip, giving it that delicate, glistening yet resilient look.  


In addition to the Zahrah All Glass Lounge Hookah we also carry a large variety of Zahrah All Glass Hookahs that include models such as the Zahrah All Glass Hookah Z 13, Zahrah Z11 Hookah, Zahrah All Glass Hookah Z 9 Variant the Zahrah Z2 Hookah, the Zahrah Z5 Hookah.


In addition to the all glass hookah collection at Zahrah USA, we also offer traditional Hookah Sets. Our wide range of Zahrah Hookah Sets includes the Zahrah Spade Junior Hookah Set, the Zahrah Spade 2 Hookah Set, the Zahrah Ringer Hookah Set, the Zahrah Spade Mini Set, the Zahrah Genie Mini Stainless Steel Hookah Set, the Zahrah Genie Junior Hookah Set, and much more.


Our hookah store also sells brands from the most famous hookah manufacturers like Amy Deluxe Hookahs, Hoob Hookah, Hookah John Hookah, Mexanika Hookah, Na Grani, Regal Hookahs, Union Hookahs, Starbuzz Hookah, Steamulation Hookah, Vyro Hookahs, and Wookah Hookahs.


At Zahrah USA we offer a diverse selection of flavored hookah tobacco, we have a large selection of hookah tobacco flavors from the top flavored tobacco manufacturers like Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco, Fumari, Nirvana, Nakhla, Overdozz, Starbuzz, Chaos Tobacco, Mazaya Shisha and much more. You can see the Top 25 Shisha Flavors at Zahrah USA to give you an idea of the most popular brands.


In addition to Hookahs and Hookah sets, we offer a wide range of Hookah Charcoal, Hookah Coal Burners, Hookah Heat Management Devices, Hookah Foil, Disposable Hookah Mouth Tips, and many Unique Hookah Accessories. We also provide Hookah Replacement Parts such as Hookah Trays, Hookah Hoses, Hookah Bowls, and Hookah Bases.


If you are shopping for a hookah in our hookah store , and take a look at our selection of hookahs, hookah accessories as well as our variety of hookah tobacco. If you are a beginner, then worry not, our sales staff are experts when it comes to setting you up with a complete hookah set and its accessories. You will be equipped with all the hookah essentials you need to enjoy an exceptional hookah smoking experience.

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